5 Essential Lessons for Junior Data Scientists I learned at Spotify (Part 1) | by Khouloud El Alami | Jun, 2023

So there you are, you do valuable work, pick out some cool insights, and maaybe you even manage to throw in there some good recommendations! Proud of you; you can give yourself a high five!

But if you’re like me, it took you weeks or months to share the fruits of your labor with key stakeholders. People are only just coming across your work for the first time. Why? Because you just went MIA through most of it.

One key mistake I made along the way was to carry the student mindset with me.

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I would drown forever in a bubble every time I would take on a big project. You might tell me; ‘K (that’s me 👋🏼), okay you made the mistake once but three times? Come on, were you sleeping when the lesson was slapping you in the face?’ … Actually, I was wide awake, but it did take some time for it to properly kick in (or maybe I was half asleep).

Data Scientists often work solo
Of course, they collaborate with a team of cross-functional people. But the data part is mostly done by one person — you. So it’s soo easy to slip into this trap when you’ve spent your college years working alone on projects and assignments. In the real world, you just can’t afford to isolate yourself.

The problem with this approach is that your work might be of great value, but if it fails to get over to the right people on time, its value might have less of an impact. People may have already started making decisions.

So if you want to make sure all your hard work gets the proper hit it deserves, you need to ditch the school act ASAP. How? 2 words for you:

Communication✨ & ✨Feedback

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