August Edition: Summer Reads for Data Scientists | by TDS Editors | Aug, 2023

Is it time to reevaluate what counts as compelling summer reading? We think so. Conventional wisdom (and many a marketing department) would have us believe that the combination of warm weather and a slower pace calls for low-effort, low-reward entertainment: the intellectual equivalent of popsicles, if you will.

Our authors beg to differ. In the past few weeks we’ve shared numerous smart and thought-provoking articles, and they’ve found a receptive audience ready to explore complex topics. The secret might be in the execution: any article can work as a poolside, train ride, or camping diversion if it comes with an engaging voice and helps us expand our knowledge of the current data science and machine learning scene.

We hope you enjoy our August lineup of enlightening and highly readable picks. Before we dive in, we also wanted to thank you for all your support, with a special shoutout to any of you who’d like to make a meaningful contribution by becoming Medium members.

Speaking of Medium: the platform’s celebration of community and storytelling is coming up soon, and TDS writers and readers are warmly invited. Medium Day takes place on August 12, and registration is still open (and free). See you there?

TDS Editors

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