By 2030, AI Could Create These 7 Kinds of Jobs

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm. It already has over 100 million users and is the single fastest growing product ever made.

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Without a doubt, it will disrupt how we work and operate. It has already completely changed my work as a data scientist.

Other companies aren’t far behind OpenAI. There are impressive advancements in generative AI every day from NVIDIA, Midjourney, and other large tech companies, startups, and open-source communities alike.

The job landscape will go through a monumental shift in the next few years. AI will displace many jobs, but I think it will also create some really fascinating ones. The time is now to start thinking about what kinds of jobs and required skills may be relevant to the employers of the future.

It is scary, but AI is already being used to threaten and scam people. Voice cloning has allowed people to pose as loved ones to request and steal money. Global threats to national security pose even larger problems.

I expect that both the government and private enterprises will be investing heavily in security for AI threats. For example, the U.S. government increased their non-classified AI budget by 26% in the last year, which seems in line with this trend. I expect the classified budget was even greater.

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