Data Engineering Interview Questions | by 💡Mike Shakhomirov | Nov, 2023

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This story aims to shed some light on various data engineering interview scenarios and typical discussions. It covers almost every question you might be asked and I hope it will be useful for beginner and intermediate-level data practitioners during the job interview preparation. Throughout my almost fifteen-year career in analytics and data engineering, I interviewed many people and now I would like to share my observations with you.

Are data engineering interviews tough? No, not really if you understand what you are dealing with. Many companies have tech blogs where they describe their stacks and the tech they use. I would recommend doing some research beforehand.

Data engineering interviews are quite simple per se and the job is very rewarding.

The interviews are quite simple indeed as questions follow the same pattern typically. The number of data platform types [1] is limited to just four and that would define the answer helping you to pass. So if we know what we are engineering then it’s not a very big task to answer interview questions correctly.

Data engineering (DE) interviews are easy to pass unless you are tasked with coding. This is a whole different story and usually, this would be the second part of the interview process. Below is my collection of DE interview questions and answers. Enjoy!

What is your DE like on a day-to-day basis?

Usually hiring managers start the conversation with this simple question. Here we would want to demonstrate the abundance of enthusiasm and experience with various DE tools and frameworks. Provide some data pipeline examples to decorate your answer. It can be a couple of data pipelines you built or a full life cycle project with a data warehouse in the centre of this infrastructure. Don’t call it a tutorial. It is always better to say something like…

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