Data Science Expertise Comes in Many Shapes and Forms | by TDS Editors | May, 2023

Few things bring us more joy than publishing an author’s first TDS post. Part of it is the thrill of discovering a new voice sharing their unique experiences and knowledge. Another is realizing, time and time again, that there’s always a fresh angle to explore, even when we deal with common questions and challenges.

We’re dedicating this edition of the Variable to recent contributions by our newest cohort of writers, and we’re doing it for a couple of reasons. First, we wanted to celebrate their ability to communicate complex ideas with clarity, precision, and a distinct personal perspective.

Second—and perhaps more selfishly—we’re highlighting these articles in the hope that other members of our community feel similarly inspired to share their expertise with TDS’s audience. We cover a very wide range of topics—from AI ethics and climate-change data to ML pipelines and product management. All that really matters is that you care deeply about your subject matter and think others should care about it, too.

Happy reading!

Photo by Viviane Okubo on Unsplash

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