Data Science for Good: Beyond Profits, Towards a Better World

Use the Power of Data Analytics to Drive Positive Change in Your Company while Improving the Profitability.

Data Science for Good — (Image by Author)

Data science can support business transformations that go far beyond financial gains.

It can lead to improved working conditions, reduce inequalities and promote an inclusive working environment.

In my experience as a senior supply chain engineer, I’ve mainly used analytics to improve operational performance and cut costs.

However, the duty of an engineer is not just about maximizing profit; she can help make the world a better place.

In this article, I will share examples using data science to improve the working conditions (and bonuses) of logistic operators.

Profitability of Logistics Companies

As a former supply chain solution designer, I spent the early years of my career helping logistic companies optimize productivity to boost profit.

I’ve witnessed the immense pressure our customers (Retail, Fashion, Luxury, Cosmetics) face to deliver goods on time while minimizing costs.

3PL for Retail Distribution — (Image by Author)

As third-party logistic providers, this pressure was directed to us with a constant fear of having our contracts not renewed.

In this stressful environment, the lure of cutting corners and adopting aggressive management tactics to reduce workforce costs is ever-present.

Let’s find a smarter way to work!

By embracing the power of data science to improve processes, we can avoid transferring this pressure on operators and drive positive change.

Definition of Process Productivity

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario of a major international fashion retailer building its distribution network with logistic companies.

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