Data, Streamlined: How to Build Better Products, Workflows, and Teams | by TDS Editors | Aug, 2023

The gap between available data and useful data has proven to be very difficult to bridge, despite the proliferation of companies and tools whose sole purpose is to help data practitioners deliver on the promise of their profession.

How did this come to be? There are many potential culprits—from outdated infrastructure to communication breakdowns and stakeholder misalignment—and numerous ways in which things can go sideways. Fortunately, there are also basic principles that help data teams become more effective: clear, measurable goals and defaulting to simplicity are common themes in the data-management articles we publish.

To help you wade gently into this occasionally thorny topic, we’ve handpicked a few excellent recent contributions from authors who share insights and advice based on their own hard-earned wisdom. Some tackle issues at the individual-contributor level, while others approach the challenge of streamlining data operations across organizations. What they all share is a levelheaded, pragmatic approach to making teams and projects run more smoothly. Let’s dive in.

  • The emergence of cloud-based data services has been a game-changer for countless companies. As Barr Moses notes, however, the move away from on-premises infrastructure doesn’t always come with the necessary mental shift to new and better workflows—but change is within reach for organizations seeking to find “alignment between modern tooling, top talent, and best practices.”
  • It may sound counterintuitive at first, but Robert Yi makes a compelling case for teams to avoid being too rigidly data-driven. Based on the lessons he learned during the chaotic early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Robert argues we should always “consider different decision-making circumstances” and leverage data (or not) based on the specific context we find ourselves in.
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