Do Not Use ChatGPT Only to “Summarize Text” | by Soner Yıldırım | May, 2023

Specific points from multiple reviews

We are doing an analysis on device setup and want to learn if users have issues setting up the device. We can extract parts related to device setup from multiple reviews as follows:

prompt = f"""
Your task is to summarize multiple product reviews.
Include only the parts related to device setup.
The reviews are given below.

review_1: {review_1}
review_2: {review_2}
review_3: {review_3}
review_4: {review_4}


response = get_completion(prompt)

Response: The device setup process was mentioned in all four reviews. Review 1 stated that the setup process was seamless after speaking with customer service. Review 2 mentioned that the device phone setup was a bit convoluted but once set up, the device worked well. Review 3 had difficulty setting up the device on a PC but was successful using a Kindle with the Silk browser. Review 4 found the setup process to be extremely easy and was able to use the device with their internet-based phone for work.

We were able to get parts related to device setup by customizing the prompt properly.

Here are the reviews used above if you’d like to read them or test it yourself:

review_1 = """
If anyone is curious - the reset is a light sequence of all 3 lights
The scanning is 1 solid blue and 1 flashing blue
And the successful connection is 2 solid blue lights.
I had difficulty with my original setup but spoke with the customer service line
and was able to walk through the process very seamlessly. The company is great at
making sure you are enjoying the product. So far it does seem to be helping,
the TV in my bedroom hasn't buffered since setting up.

review_2 = """
I ordered this device (N300) to better extend WiFi signal to a Firestick on my small kitchen flat screen.
Device phone set-up was a bit convoluted, in the steps were keyed to some other phone, non an iPhone,
but close enough to figure it out. Once set up, the device definitely improved the push to the Firestick.
However, began to get curious about monitoring the Macard device while in operation. On the Firestick end,
one simply goes into setting/network, then WiFi ... push the (>II ) button to check connectivity.
Currently returns both signal and video quality 'very good.' So that's what the Firestick sees.
In the iPhone App Store, there is a one-star ""macard Wifi Wizard,"" which is supposed to be useful to
check the extender, download firmware updates, and so on. I downloaded it. It requests the email
one registered the device with, then advises it is sending an activation code. The code never arrives.
I contacted their support via chat; the rep acknowledged what I was saying and said he'd have
""the concerned department"" send me a code within 24 hours. It is now 48 hours. Nothing.
Thankfully, the device works.

review_3 = """
I first tried to set this up using the procedure for PC. It got part way through it and froze.
After that I could not get it to even try. Running Microsoft 10 and Google Chrome. Don't know if that
has anything to do with it or not. Then I used my Kindle with the Silk browser, and it set up perfectly
first time. I then moved it half way across the house, plugged it in, turned it on, and I had strong Wi-Fi
all the way to the corner of the house. 1600 sq. ft., not at all "open concept".

review_4 = """
I got this product to plug my internet based phone for work from home (Avaya desktop phone).
It works! The setup was EXTREMELY easy. At completion, I plugged the phone into the extender's ethernet
port and made a few phone calls which all worked perfectly with complete clarity. VERY happy with this
purchase since a cordless headset is around $250 (which I would have needed since the phone had to be
at the ethernet port on the wall). I recommend this product!

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