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The hidden power of visibility in the AI industry and how to obtain it

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How often do you think about the non-technical side of your profession?

We both work in a field that values technical skills and productivity, so it’s okay if you don’t see non-technical activities such as personal branding and industrial visibility as top priorities. But by the end of this article, you, as an AI practitioner, will understand what industry visibility is, its benefits, and how to build and improve your own visibility in the AI field.

Industry visibility and personal brand are two terms that go hand in hand, and in some cases, they are used interchangeably. You may be a mid, senior or experienced AI practitioner and have seen it all (from a technical perspective). You’ve probably worked within different teams with various structural configurations of Data Engineers, Scientists, and Product Managers. You understand the critical processes in a machine learning pipeline, including productionising AI models.

And now you’ve reached a point in your career where you have a decent understanding of libraries, tools, frameworks and your overall tech stack.

And in some circles, you’ve probably (secretly) called yourself an AI expert.

What lies beyond? — Image generated via MidJourney

What’s next? What’s beyond technical expertise?

Searching for the answers to the questions above will lead you down several paths, and one of the main avenues of your journey is industry visibility.

Let’s officially define the term.

Industry visibility is the level at which an individual within a specific industry is recognised, acknowledged, or valued by peers within the same sector, typically due to knowledge sharing.

Personally, it all resonates when you view industry visibility as some form of reputational currency.

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