July Edition: Climate Resources for Data Scientists | by TDS Editors | Jul, 2023

For many of us, the arrival of summer used to be a cause of uncomplicated excitement: school’s out; work schedules often get a bit less hectic; the prospect of a lazy afternoon on the beach or at the nearest park beckons.

We don’t mean to put a damper on your positive summer vibes (as a Canada-based team, we appreciate a nice, sunny day as much as anyone), but these days it’s hard not to feel a more complex mix of emotions about the warm season. Many of our readers live in areas affected by wildfires (and their far-reaching, border-crossing smoke), drought, floods, and other extreme weather events, and it’s all but certain we’ll experience more of these climate change-related phenomena in years to come.

Unlike many other professions, though, data practitioners are in a position to play an important role in shaping climate discussions and effect real change—whether it’s through helping communities and policymakers become more aware of the impact of their choices, or by modeling (and in some cases building) potential solutions.

We’ve gathered a strong lineup of climate-focused articles and resources to get you thinking about the ways we can harness data and machine learning tools to address our current (and future) challenges. We hope our reading recommendations inspire you, at the very least, to learn more and become more engaged in these conversations.

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TDS Editors

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