Learning New Data Science Skills, The Right Way | by TDS Editors | Aug, 2023

We tend to think of learning curves as neat, smooth, continuously upwards-trending lines. Look close enough at any learning journey, though, and you’ll see numerous dips and plateaus along the way: in reality, even seasoned professionals feel like beginners when faced with a new tool or workflow.

This week, we’ve put together some of our favorite recent tutorials and introductory guides. They come with very few—if any—prerequisites for data and ML practitioners; they cover very different topics, from deep learning to anomaly detection, but share a strong commitment to patient explanations, concrete details, and expert contextualization. So if you find yourself in a learning lull, pick any of our highlights below: they’re bound to help you snap right out of it.

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

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