Who Wins and Who Loses? How AI Coding Tools Will Impact Different Types of Businesses | by Mark Ridley | Jul, 2023

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How Generative AI will impact product engineering teams — Part 5

This is the fifth part of a six part series investigating how generative AI productivity tools aimed at developers, like Github Copilot, ChatGPT and Amazon CodeWhisperer might impact the structure of entire product engineering teams.

In Part 4, we explored:

  1. The opportunities Generative AI presents for organisations during an economic downturn and diminished venture capital funding.
  2. Three scenarios for companies to take advantage of higher developer productivity with the introduction of Generative AI productivity tools: investing for growth, cost-cutting, and maintaining current budgets
  3. Hypothetical consequences and challenges, like drastically altered team compositions and what these changes could mean for product managers and engineers.

There are always winners and losers when the business environment changes rapidly. So far, we’ve been discussing the benefits and the possible impact of Generative AI tools from the perspective of a hypothetical model, but we have glossed over a lot of unspoken caveats.

In reality, even if the benefits do play out as I’ve described in the past four articles, we’re unlikely to see the structural changes we’ve been discussing happen overnight.

I can attest to the fact that changing the type and number of roles in a business leads to many sleepless nights. Most organisations will simply choose not to address these changes directly because transformation is hard and emotional. The changes for most companies will take time to happen, slowly, organically and avoiding the need to make tough decisions. Sadly, that also means that many organisations won’t see the benefit that these changes could bring as quickly as they probably should.

Having considered how teams might benefit from these AI coding tools, I’d now like to turn my attention to how they may impact different types of organisation; newly minted startups with heady growth plans, smaller but stable companies with product…

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